DE Technology Inc. specializes in providing technical services for magnetron sputtering equipment, electron beam evaporation thin film deposition equipment, thermal evaporation thin film deposition equipment, and related products.


These devices are primarily employed in scientific research and mass production for universities, research institutions, and production enterprises. They play a central role in research and production in areas such as semiconductors, microelectronics, nanotechnology, quantum science, data storage, superconducting electronics, optoelectronics, and the preparation of biological thin film materials.


For over two decades, DE Technology has consistently maintained high end, high performance, and highly stable product standards, along with offering high quality after sales technical support, providing comprehensive assistance to universities, research institutions, and enterprises in the field of thin film deposition.


Has obtained multiple certifications, quality is trustworthy


Advanced configuration

Premium specifications

Exceptional performance

Utmost stability

High quality thin films

Top tier services

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