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DE-STAER 8-12 inch wafer EFEM system

DE-STAER 8-12 inch wafer EFEM system

8-12 inch, standard thickness wafer and thinned wafer
End-effector can realize random pick and place between each layer in the film box
End-effector surface is treated with anti-static Teflon coating
End-effector is equipped with a flip mechanism, which can flip the wafer at any angle between 0-180°
Use Bernoulli Aligner to align wafers at high speed and accurately
Loadport can realize automatic identification of 200mm and 300mm cassettes, and integrates functions such as in-position detection, fly out detection, and barcode reader
An ion generator can be configured inside the device to eliminate static electricity on the wafer surface
Optional OCR module for Wafer ID, which can correspond to barcode, QR code, numbers and letters
Optional ID module or barcode reading module for reading Cassette information
Optional factory communication module corresponding to SECS/GEM

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