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DE400 Thermal Evaporation System

DE400 Thermal Evaporation System

The DE400 Thermal Evaporation system is assembled with multiple thermal evaporation sources, it can be used to evaporate metals, semiconductor, insulation materials or OLED on a 6” substrate.


>  Evaporation Chamber with front O-ring sealing door

>  Substrate shutter is Closed Loop controlled to open/close by Thin Film Controller

>  System safety Interlock

>  Total Auto Control or manual operation by computer

>  Optional Glove Box



Evaporation Chamber

304 stainless steel chamber with viewport

Vacuum Pumping

Turbo pump or cryopump and dry rough pump

Vacuum Valve

Pneumatic valves

Evaporation Source

Multiple thermal evaporation source

Sample Stage

Top or side mounted rotatable sample stage

Film Control

Crystal Film thickness Monitor and Control

Vacuum Gauging

Wide range vacuum gauge and rough gauge
















The Base Vacuum Pressure

Better than 5E-7Torr

Sample Loading Capacity

One Max. 6 inch flat substrate

Film Uniformity

+/-5% on 6” substrate

Rate Resolution

0.1 Angstroms/sec

Thickness Resolution

0.1 Angstroms











Typical Application

>  For R & D Thin Film Deposition 

>  Ideal tools for LIFT-OFF process

>  Evaporate metal, Semiconductor, Insulation Materials or OLED

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