DE4500 Magnetron Sputtering and Evaporation Thin Film Deposition System

The DE4500 magnetron sputtering and evaporation thin film deposition system includes a sputtering chamber, an electron beam and thermal evaporation chamber, and a sample chamber. It can be used to sputter or evaporate metals, semiconductors, media and low-temperature organic materials, and is used to prepare single-layer or multi-layer films. Materials are ideal platforms for materials and thin film research in universities and research institutes



Samples can be transferred between magnetron sputtering chamber, evaporation chamber and LOAD LOCK chamber under vacuum

Excellent film uniformity and repeatability

Fully automatic control by computer or manual control operation (overall operation or independent work of each cavity)





Main Configuration

coating chamber The cavity is made of 304 stainless steel and has a viewing window.
Vacuum pump Equipped with molecular pump (or condensate pump) and mechanical pump
Vacuum valve

Pneumatically controlled high vacuum and isolation board valves

Cavity inflation valve, Roughing and pre-angle valve, gas stop valve

sputtering source

Up to 6 2 to 4 inch circular magnetron sputtering sources

Pneumatic baffle for each source

Power supply can be equipped with DC, pulsed DC or RF power supply

evaporation source

A Rotating Guide Multi-Crucible Electron Beam Evaporation Source

High voltage power supply

programmable beam spot scanner

Optional thermal evaporation source

Sample table

Sample table can rotate

Can be heated to 900 ℃

Maximum 8 inch substrate

Vacuum measurement Wide range vacuum gauge for measuring vacuum and Pirani rough gauge
Pressure control

multiple flow meter

One Pressure Gauge for Sputtering Pressure Control

Film thickness monitoring Standard crystal oscillator film thickness controller
Pre-vacuum sample chamber

Ultimate vacuum better than 5E-7torr

Single or multiple substrate loading capability

Automatic sample transfer between three chambers

oxygenation reaction

RF plasma cleaning of substrates

Substrate heated to 600°C






























Main technical indicators

ultimate vacuum degree of coating chamber Better than 5E-8Torr
film thickness uniformity Film thickness uniformity better than +/-3% on 8-inch substrates
Evaporation rate resolution 0.01 A/s
Film thickness resolution 0.1A


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