DE500DL nano-film magnetron sputtering system

DE500DL nano-film magnetron sputtering system is equipped with multiple magnetron sputtering source, can be deposited metal, semiconductor, dielectric materials. Can be used for sputtering multilayer films, co-sputtering alloy films, reactive sputtering, etc. It is an ideal platform for materials and thin film deposition research and development and pilot testing.


  • Sputtering coating cavity rubber ring seal before opening the door for internal operation 
  • Sputtering distance adjustable
  • PID downstream and upstream pressure control 
  • Good film uniformity and repeatability
  •  Safety interlock protection
  • Optional ion beam cleaning or assisted deposition
  • OptionalRFplasma cleaning,Optional wedge film
  • PLC and industrial control automatic control



Main Configuration


coating chamber

The cavity is made of 304 stainless steel and has a viewing window.
Vacuum pump Molecular pumps (or condensate pumps) and dry pumps
Vacuum valve High vacuum board valve
Cavity inflation valve, Roughing and pre-angle valve, gas stop valve
Vacuum measurement Wide range vacuum gauge and Pirani rough gauge

sputtering source

Up to 6 sputtering sources
DC, pulse DC, RF power supply, HIPPIMS power supply
Sample table Rotary heating or cooling of sample stage
Gas and pressure control Multi-gas flow meter
PID control pressure control
Pre-vacuum sample chamber

Single or multiple substrate loading capability

Automatic sample delivery


Main technical indicators


Limit vacuum degree of coating chamber Better than 3E-8Torr (or 9E-9Torr)
Substrate Size Optional: 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 12 inches
Maximum sample heater temperature 600 ℃ (optional 900 ℃)
film thickness uniformity Better than +/-3%

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