DE3000 Cluster high vacuum multi chamber nano thin film deposition system

The DE3000 Cluster contains multiple process chambers for depositing metal, semiconductor, and dielectric materials. Optional magnetron sputtering, electron beam evaporation, thermal resistance evaporation, ion beam cleaning or assisted deposition process. Single-layer film, multi-layer film, or alloy film can be deposited, which can be used for nano thin film material development and mass production. Suitable for FAB hundred level purification room, unmanned workshop.



Multiple process chambers, rubber ring sealing door, convenient operation and maintenance

Wafers can be automatically transferred to any process chamber by the sample chamber robot

Can be equipped with pre-vacuum chamber

Can be equipped with EFEM to automatically transfer wafers in FOUPS to the pre-vacuum chamber

Can handle 6-inch, 8-inch or 12-inch wafers

The whole system realizes automatic control through industrial computer and PLC


process chamber


304 stainless steel cavity, rubber ring sealing door, with viewing window and baffle

Vacuum pump

Molecular pumps (or condensate pumps) and oil-free dry pumps

Vacuum valve

High vacuum plug valve, chamber inflation valve, rough extraction or pre-valve

Vacuum measurement

Wide range vacuum gauge and Pirani rough gauge

Ultimate vacuum pressure


Process chamber to restore original empty vacuum pressure time

(After the wafer is transferred from the sample chamber to the process chamber)

<10 minutes


magnetron sputtering

electron beam evaporation

thermal resistance evaporation

ion beam cleaning

ion beam assisted deposition

oxidation process

Wafer Size

Optional: 6 inches,8 inches,12 inches

film thickness uniformity within the sheet

≤ ± 3%

Intersheet film thickness repeatability

≤ ± 2%


Slitting chamber

Vacuum pump Molecular and dry pumps
Vacuum valve

High vacuum plug valve, cavity inflation valve, rough extraction valve

Vacuum measurement

Wide range vacuum gauge

Ultimate vacuum pressure



Automatic wafer transfer


Pre-vacuum chamber

Vacuum pump Molecular and dry pumps

Ultimate vacuum pressure


Wafer loading capacity

Loading Multiple Wafers



Two or more crystal boxes FOUP LOAD PORT

High-speed and accurate wafer calibration, equipped with robot, with turning function, can realize random pick-and-place between layers in the cassette.

Wafers in FOUP can be automatically transferred to the pre-vacuum chamber by the robot

After the wafer runs empty, the number of particles with wafer surface size> 0.2um is less than 15.

  • Added <30 particles with size> 0.2um on membrane

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