DE500DL superconducting quantum magnetron sputtering system

DE500DL superconducting quantum magnetron sputtering system is equipped with multiple magnetron sputtering sources, which can deposit metal, semiconductor and dielectric materials. It can be used for sputtering multilayer films, co-sputtering alloy films, reactive sputtering, LIFT-OFFProcess films, tunnel junction films, etc. It is an ideal platform for materials and thin film deposition research and development and pilot testing.


  • Sputtering coating cavity rubber ring seal before opening the door for internal operation 
  • Sputtering distance adjustable 
  • PID downstream and upstream pressure control
  • Good film uniformity and repeatability
  • Safety interlock protection
  • PLCAnd industrial control automatic control
  • Optional ion beam cleaning or assisted deposition
  • Optional RF plasma cleaning,Optional wedge film


Main Configuration

coating chamber The cavity is made of 304 stainless steel and has a viewing window.
Vacuum pump Molecular pumps (or condensate pumps) and dry pumps
Vacuum valve High vacuum board valve
Cavity charge valve, roughing or pre-valve, gas control valve
Vacuum measurement Wide range vacuum gauge and Pirani rough gauge

sputtering source

Multiple Sputtering Sources
DC, Pulsed DC, RF Power Supplies
Sample table Rotary heating or cooling of sample stage
Gas and pressure control Multi-gas flow meter
PID control pressure control
Pre-vacuum sample chamber

Single or multiple substrate loading capability

Automatic sample delivery


Main technical indicators

Limit vacuum degree of coating chamber Better than 9E-9Torr
Substrate Size Optional: 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches
Substrate Heating and Cooling

Can be heated to 900 ℃ and cooled to -50 ℃, the substrate can rotate

High temperature preparation of superconducting material films and low temperature preparation of superconducting material films

film thickness uniformity Better than +/-3%

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