Substrate inclination coating equipment


Single electron gun or double electron gun

spiral thin film deposition

LIFT-OFF process coating

preparation of low-dimensional materials

Joseph Knot Preparation

Substrate inclination angle> ± 90 °

Substrate size optional: 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches

Thickness uniformity <± 3%

Substrate can be heated 600 ℃ rotation

Substrate can be cooled to 110K rotation, optional temperature control

Substrate inclination rotation

multi-crucible electron gun

Can be evaporated metal, semiconductor, dielectric materials

Vacuum <5E-8Torr (optional 9E-9, 5E-9 or 9E-10Torr)

Optional RF plasma cleaning

Optional Ion Beam Cleaning

Optional Substrate Oxidation Treatment

Optional wedge film process

PLC industrial control PC automatic control

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