DE400DHL electron beam evaporation coating system

The DE400DHL electron beam evaporation coating system is equipped with a multi-crucible electron beam evaporation source, which can evaporate and deposit metal, semiconductor or dielectric materials on the substrate. It is an ideal platform for preparing lift-off process thin films and low micro materials.


Open the door before the rubber ring of the evaporation cavity is sealed to facilitate the operation inside the cavity.

The opening of the substrate baffle is controlled by the film thickness meter closed loop.

Optional RF plasma or ion source substrate cleaning

Optional Substrate Oxidation

System Safety Interlock

Computer controlled fully automatic or manual operation


Main Configuration

evaporation chamber 304 stainless steel, front door with viewing window
Vacuum pump Evaporation chamber equipped with molecular pump or condensate pump and oil-free mechanical pump
Vacuum valve Pneumatically controlled high vacuum valve
Vacuum measurement Wide range vacuum gauge for measuring vacuum and rough draw gauge

evaporation source

Automatic guiding of multi-crucible electron beam evaporation source
Sample table

spinning substrate

Selectable Tilt and Rotary Substrate Table

(Optional heating to 900 ℃)

(Optional cooling to -150 ℃)

Film thickness detection Crystal Oscillator Rate Film Thickness Monitoring
Pre-vacuum sample chamber

Single or multiple substrate loading capability

Automatic sample delivery

Main technical indicators

ultimate vacuum degree 3E-8 Torr
Substrate Size Optional: 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 12 inches
film thickness uniformity Better than +/-3%
Evaporation rate resolution 0.01 A/s
Film thickness resolution 0.1 A

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