DE400 Thermal Resistance Evaporation Thin Film Deposition System

DE400 thermal resistance evaporator can be configured with multiple evaporation sources, continuously rotating sample stage or tiltable rotating sample stage.



The front door of the cavity is open to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the cavity

Separate system rack and electrical cabinet

The film deposition process can be accurately controlled by the temperature, but also through the film thickness meter accurate control rate

Selectable Tilt and Rotary Substrate Table

Sample table optional water cooling or heating

Optional glove box

Typical applications

For thin film deposition R & D

Ideal platform for LIFT-OFF process

Evaporatable metals, semiconductors, dielectric materials or organic materials












Main Configuration

Vacuum pump Equipped with condensate pump or molecular pump and oil-free mechanical pump
Vacuum valve Pneumatic control high vacuum valve
evaporation source multi-group thermal evaporation source
Sample table Continuously rotating sample stage or tiltable sample stage
Film thickness detection Crystal Oscillator Film Thickness Monitoring
Vacuum measurement Wide range vacuum gauge for measuring vacuum and rough draw gauge







Main technical indicators

ultimate vacuum degree Better than 5E-7Torr
Substrate Size Optional: 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 12 inches
film thickness uniformity Better than +/-3%
Evaporation rate resolution 0.01 A/s
Film thickness resolution 0.1 A


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