• Multiple Sputtering Sources
  • Can sputter metal, semiconductor, dielectric materials and magnetic materials
  • Sputtered monolayer, multilayer or co-sputtered alloy films or reactive sputtering
  • Stainless steel cavity, rubber ring sealed front door, easy to operate and maintain
  • PID downstream or upstream pressure control
  • Optional Ion Source Assisted Deposition
  • Optional RF PlasmaCleaning or ion source cleaning
  • The whole system realizes automatic control through industrial computer and PLC
  • For pilot and mass production

 Main Configuration

sputtering chamber 304 stainless steel, rubber ring sealing door with viewing window

Vacuum pump

Molecular pumps (or condensate pumps) and dry pumps

Vacuum valve High vacuum plug-in valve, cavity inflation valve, roughing or pre-stage valve, gas control valve

Vacuum measurement

Wide range vacuum gauge and Pirani rough gauge

sputtering source

multiple magnetron sputtering cathodes

DC, Pulse DC, RF, HIPIMS Power

Substrate table

The substrate can be rotated, optionally heated or cooled

Pressure control

Multi-gas flow meter and pressure gauge, PID sputtering pressure control

Optional film monitoring

Crystal film thickness/rate monitoring

Optional pre-vacuum chamber

Stainless steel cavity with observation window, automatic substrate transfer

Safety interlock

Sputtering source and whole system safety interlock protection


Main technical indicators of coating room

Ultimate vacuum pressure


Substrate Size

Optional: 3 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 12 inches

Optional substrate heating


film thickness uniformity within the sheet

≤ +/-3%

Intersheet film thickness repeatability

≤ +/-2%


Loading capacity

Substrate Size 3" 4" 6" 8" 8" 12"
Number of substrates 24 18 15 4 9 4

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